Best New Blues Guitar Players

best new blues guitar players

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Selling acoustic guitar and MP4 Zune? We need people to buy. At school? Pawn shop? Online?

I'm selling a brand Johnson blue acoustic guitar accessories (With few new frets and strings) and Zune 4GB (Plays video, takes pictures and can purchase songs one). I sell on ebay or at school or in a pawn shop? I can ask someone from the school to buy the guitar, but where would it be better to sell? If you are interested in buying or just more information, please contact me at

Gumtree message that can name your price, Ebay is a risk that I would never buy a guitar on ebay, I love playing with them before buying. Monte de Piedad will give you rock bottom for her. Hey, if the school know that people go for that.

best new blues guitar players