Easy Way To Learn Guitar Fretboard

easy way to learn guitar fretboard
Beginner Guitar Lesson – Learn CAGED Guitar – The Key To The Guitar Fretboard

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Question electric guitar?

Hello, I'm 14 and I'm playing electric guitar. Some of my Friends are ready to play and teach. I'm looking for a good quality guitar that is not very expensive and will last for years. Here a good deal I found: What's That http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Special-II-Electric-Guitar-and-Amp-Pack-513150-i1320789.gc do you think of this package? Good for a beginner? So, I said that learning to play the guitar you want a guitar with the strings near the neck, because it is easier to play that way, I did not link the guitar above the strings near the neck? As any additional information you have what it takes look for in a first guitar would be great! thanks

Honestly, I would never buy a guitar on the Internet. you need to have a idea of the guitar (and make sure that the strings are close to the mast). visit local music stores. I'm sure many of they have packets Christmas sale. Recently I had my first electric guitar (which is included with the amplifier, cables and whammy bar) for under $ 288. so you want to play guitar a bit to see what it sounds. all electric guitars have different sounds …

easy way to learn guitar fretboard