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instant play guitar review
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Blues Guitar learn and master DVD Review: How to create your own blues solos?

Learn and master guitar with Steve Krenz Blues projector is designed to be an "in depth, step by step, Blues Guitar course – the real nuts and bolts and not just a couple of blues licks you get what you need, musical understanding. concepts, chords, riffs and techniques that allow you to enter the world of play blues bass guitar. "

About the author

Steve Krenz, according to the website information literacy and guitar, has a degree in music and played professionally with a wide range of groups, symphony orchestras of the famous "Fifth Dimension". Steve is currently a active guitarist playing and recording in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to having taught many lessons to students of all ages and levels skills playing the guitar and music workshops throughout the world.

Steve is soft-spoken and down to earth with which he bore. His teaching was logical and complete as it moves along briskly. This offer intelligent and entertaining performance in the short awe-inspiring for transitions between the many lessons.

Who will benefit most Blues Guitar Care Center?

This is blues guitar lessons not for beginners who have never touched a guitar. However, not much experience is required either. A beginner should not necessarily had acquired the following skills, but at least he was introduced to them must succeed, bars, scores of at least one major scale, hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bending, sliding and include staff, feet and chord diagrams.

These lessons are designed to guitar players acoustic or electric?

If you need to learn and understand many of the same techniques of acoustic blues Electric and this course focuses on electric blues.

What is included with this course Blues

1. 6 DVDs of more than 8 hours clinics
2. Jam along with DVDs and CDs 20 songs in different styles for practice
3. In-depth interviews with legendary blues guitarist Jack Pearson and Johnny Hiland
4. books to download
5. Easy to follow the music to the screen and key ideas
6. Essential Technical blues guitar background and explained simply


The textbook companion must be downloaded Internet then read your computer. Another option is to print on your printer or take it to Kinkos for printing and binding. All these options are a bit annoying, but this method of release is reduced considerably the cost of training in general.

Warranty and Support

Community support is available online for each student. A 60-day money back guarantee on all purchases of such Legacy Learning Systems.


Blues Guitar independent course is $ 99 plus shipping (ships through the world)


What this course offers so many others miss is a thorough, detailed comprehensive and teaches the "why" of the blues guitar. In fact, Steve Krenz often warns students not only to memorize a series of lame but to learn to understand and really hear the music. This is essential to developing their own unique brand of blues guitar solos.

The fact is that if you are diligent in working through the DVD and practice sessions are on track to be able to sit down with an unknown group and instantly play a song they have ever heard. The instructions that the leader of the band you have to say playing the blues in "A" and you know exactly how.

This course provides an award-winning guitarist and professor of talent, a logical progression of classes, excellent production values video and a fair price. For these reasons, I have absolutely no problem recommending to learn and master guitar with Steve Blues Spotlight Krenz.

instant play guitar review