Play Guitar Shirts

play guitar shirts
“Guitar” 7/25/09

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How to dress like a rock star?

I always wonder. How do you dress so that people can take that rock music and play guitar? I have tons of shirts with guitars and my favorite singers on them.

Get inspired by looking at pictures of rock stars in the style great personal. Note that none of these looks that are easily accessible, whatever the budget may be. Step # 2 Find a good pair of sunglasses, darker, better. No rock star would be caught dead in public without his sunglasses. A square face is more beautiful with round glasses, a round face is flattered by a frame shape square or rectangular and oval face can wear any style. Step # 3 Buy a nice pair of jeans or make the perfect match of the cabinet. Rule Generally, the stars wear dark rock, which did not missed the jeans that look. However, the knees are fine and tight breaking the rule. Step # 4 Take an old black T-shirt for a classic look. vintage band t-shirts are another alternative. In colder climates, a leather jacket is a nice addition. Step Step # 5 Cool shoes. Shoes may vary from rock star boots Doc Martens combat old skate shoes and Vans. Step # 6 Accessorize the look with jewelry and belts. No frills here to go to bracelets and studded belts and leather cuffs. Magnetic earrings give the appearance of the drill without the permanence.

play guitar shirts