How To Play Guitar Playing Guitar

how to play guitar playing guitar
Steve Vai: Guitar Center Sessions – How to be Successful

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Can you play Guitar Hero with two guitars?

I have 2 guitar hero and rock band can play guitar hero 2 guitar using both provided by the guitar hero and rock band? If yes, how?

I do not think the GH guitar with RB, although the work versa. Because that GH is first made (by Red Octane), which does not have to worry about compatibility with other devices, and since RB came out more later (Harmonix) has decided to be consistent so that you can use the guitar controllers he already had. I guess that does not hurt to try, but do not think the RB Fender GH work. And like the PP said, if you play on Xbox 360 you can connect two USB ports, but I'm not sure if it'll work if you are on PS2.

how to play guitar playing guitar