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learn guitar power chords free
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Online courses to get my fingers faster?

Do you know any sites where I can find online video lessons for my fingers more fast? As I am learning crossed and I'm fine now and I want to start learning to play guitar lead, you'll learn the chords to power and stuff, but you can suggest some songs or a website where you can have free video lessons?

No. I know. Would be enough useless anyway. A nerve impulse can go so fast. (Approximately 250 km / h). That's all for the man. Nothing you can do to speed it up. If there is a problem, it is likely that your phone does finger technique. Is the effectiveness of your game? Lose yourself the trouble? Do not try to play faster as you can with the control. Concentrate on accuracy first. The speed will come naturally with practice. Looking at these terms in your favorite search engine help. Memory Motor "," finger box rule, "" Pitch-efficient "good luck you.

learn guitar power chords free