Learn Guitar Parts On Tool Songs

learn guitar parts on tool songs
black (original song) recorded using fourtrack on the iPhone 3GS

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What is the song to play guitar for my audition?

I auditioned for the concentration of Arts program at my school who enter in about 3 months for the electric guitar. I consider myself a beginning / intermediate level player, but I intend to practice for a maximum of 2 hours per day I have 3 months to learn the song. The song must have the following characteristics: The song must be between 3 and 5 minutes. Must be in standard tuning. I can not stand so I would like the guitar part for a change and be quite interesting, and not rely too much on the second guitar if it exists. Also, I would like the rock-ish. This program places a strong emphasis on classical music, so I take every opportunity they have ceased rock. I love bands like Chevelle, Tool, Ashes Divide, The Used and Coheed and Cambria. But not in Metallica. Thank you!

Prison Sex by Tool. I'm pretty sure this is the norm and is a little song

learn guitar parts on tool songs