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play guitar house of the rising sun
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Guitar question?

So I play for about a month now I've learned sunrise, tears in heaven, and more words who can read the labels and music (but I'm slow) I know the basic chords, but they have not learned agreements Bars What do you recommend I do? Learn more songs or what? Tips, ideas for a beginner, I'm not saying is give ..

Take guitar lessons basic … or ask a friend's guitar playing, so I taught for a consideration or in exchange for something you can teach / learn the songs of his boot easy … with just a few chords strummed repeatedly … buy chordbooks if available in your area and choose songs easily play chords … try searching the Internet for guitar chords to their favorite songs … learn the difference between picking and scraping and when to use … if you're especially creative, try to compose their own songs on guitar. Good luck!

play guitar house of the rising sun