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Guide to buying your first electric guitar or acoustic

Buying a first guitar can be very confusing, especially if you do not have foreknowledge of brands, models and how they work. Ultimately, the purchase of the guitar is very similar to buying Car: Each model has its advantages and defects. However, if you do a little research before you go ahead and buy your first guitar should be "safe."
First, you must decide what type of guitar you want to buy: an electric motor or an acoustic? Maybe or you do not like, but want to start moving in a low at all (yes, the Bears are hot products when it comes to finding a group.). To help you decide, ask what kind of music is to start playing. For example, it is almost mandatory to invest in or country, an acoustic guitar would be more practical. Beginners can find more acoustic beneficial because it is a bit harder to play, but will the field of electric guitar much easier in the future. The sound is also more practical in the sense that they are cheaper, easier to transport and easy to carry. In addition, power will be many more additional costs For example, an amplifier or effects (which may cost more the guitar itself!).
It is recommended that the first guitar you buy is new in the store. The reason I recommend it you can almost guarantee to get your instrument in perfect condition and are guaranteed in case one breaks or fails. The only drawback is that it costs more.
However, buying a used guitar is not a bad idea either. It is good to avoid buying a used instrument online, if your first time, unless the seller is a dealer known and promises to create the instrument prior to shipment. I bought the guitar used was once Fullerton Aria Pro II and a Japanese was by far the best guitar I had (I have a collection Fender guitars) and I bought a well known Japanese distributor on eBay. If you buy a used guitar face to face, it would be essential for you bring a friend with you guitar for intelligent operation, as you probably know what to inspect before buying his first axis. Buying a used guitar certainly has its monetary benefits, but make sure you know what to purchase before you buy.
I recommend you visit one of the largest communities of online guitar <a target = "_NEW" rel = href = "nofollow" ""> http://www.ultimate- </ forum / a> and ask for advice in the forum before buying a guitar. There are people very well informed and useful information on this site, so feel free to ask anything related to the guitar (not related).

Beginner Recommendations Made in Japan.

Stay away: Squier Bullet (my first guitar, one of the worst guitars there), Harley Benton guitars, Ibanez low end ($ 400 or less), low-end ESP-LTD (models 400 and less), low-end Gibson. On the other hand, almost all made in China.

Recommended for beginners Guitars: Yamaha nothing, nothing in Japan. You also want to make sure your guitar is not wood, so anything with a summit "in solid wood is great. In addition, Cort Earth acoustic guitar to I think the best (It's also very affordable).

country guitar players forum