Learn Guitar Melody Notes

learn guitar melody notes
Note To God: Guitar Melody

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What should I charge for guitar lessons?

Hello, I live in a small community with many children and youth. I started learning guitar a few months ago, and I love it. So, my instructor told me, I very well done, not only on guitar, but with the theory of music. Recently, I liked the idea of teaching others. That's what I know and can clearly articulate: the scale chromatic (12 notes) Major Scale (wwhwwwh) smaller scale (whwwhww) Hungary Minor Harmonic Minor (hours of the seventh note of the natural minor scale) How compared to configure compatible with diminished chords and minor scales, seventh Creation agreements My repertoire of songs to write songs is growing daily. "I learned enough to teach? If yes, what should I charge?

It sounds like you forgot to mention decent technique and a Another technique of guitar picking, I suppose, must take the form of fingers touching, slurs, pull offs, hammer-ons. Yoyu have attention because some of these recruits can ask questions and put you against the wall. Hey! Advertising and over again. Obviously you know more than the beginner and earn money more for themselves in advance is another way of interest. The current rate should be $ 10, which is a small community $ 75 a pop for a refresher course and advanced students.

learn guitar melody notes

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