Best Guitar Play Ever

best guitar play ever
Best guitar play ever – Canon in D

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What is the best guitar I've played? Why?

I have two guitars cheap and I get a new one. I have my eyes on a $ 700 V. Dimebag Razorback I played before and I really liked how he played and sounded, but I want to hear others' opinions before emptying my pockets for this guitar.

my best to play the guitar is actually a Fender Telecaster Standard, probably after my SG or a Gibson Les Paul Jr. is really difficult to overcome for the gameplay, I'm very fond of television in general. Some prefer the comfort of a Fender Gibson on some. The Secretary General has disappeared, Les Paul Jr. and Les Paul Studio are all good shots. My next guitar will be the SG Classic with two P-90. Is $ 999 and definitely worth a look. I do not agree Eric, however, go ahead and get a U.S. made guitar.

best guitar play ever