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play guitar today level 1
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What is the best distortion pedal to get for my guitar?

I have a BC Rich Warlock (Mick Thompson Signature Edition) and a plain Hondo brand amplifier (amplifier looks like this then:) The amp I have a button control the tone and volume control switch (on / off). Every time you turn the drive on which the distortion sounds horrible. So I bought a Digitech Metal distortion pedal of death today. Sounds decent, but I do not like the tone. Is guitar amp also been a factor playing in this too? I am looking for a good pedal with a nice distortion tone (like Slipknot or metal strips). Basically, Digitech distortion pedal does not sound as "clean" or "crunchy" as it is. Maybe just have control over the position wrong? Formed a control level (two input controls such as guitar and gain level) and 3-band EQ (low, medium and treble). Someone Can anyone help me with this?

It is true that many things that influence your sound with the use of a pedal. His guitar collection, tone controls on the guitar, the collection used (neck, half-bridge) amplifier, amplifier settings, speaker and speaker inside cabinet. The amplifier of the photo is a bass amp. If this is what you use, will sound very dry and flat. She also has a small speaker with limited power. The small speakers are not projects woofers and large, including if a bass amp. I have the Death Metal pedal too, and I hate it. I have a gift of a child. True to his face, and their levels of distortion on top. There are different types distortion, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, etc. If you go to the site manager can explain the decrease in different between pedal sounds. They include guidelines on crank that explains a graphic. I probably have about 15 different types of distortion pedals. Each has its own "personality". For distortion clearer sound, can be better with a Tube Screamer or Boss DS-1. But, trimming some of the distortions does not matter what you use the pedal. Distortion gets a little cloudy. There are drivers Blues, Metal Zone, Metal Core, Overdrive, Distortion, Death Metal, Grunge, Funky Munky distortion, Turbo, man … the list is long. Each pedal sounds different on different aspects as follows. I use the configuration that most guitarists use the bridge pickup (Humbucker) with all the nuances acute bleeding in my guitar. In my amp I am about 4 triples, about 6 years old on 3 1 / 2. Like too much reverb and turn it up about 6. There are a lot of pedals, and brands to choose from. I seriously suggest to invest in a good pedal that costs over $ 100 new. Digitech, Zoom, DOD, Ibanez and Brownsville (except Tubescreamer) are registered stay away from distortion pedals. This decision is really to have their ears. You must take your ax to the guitar shop, and you give a few hours to sit with a bunch of pedals. You can always get the material used on Ebay later! I am a big fan of Metal Zone, gives a "Metallica" sound. Sold on Ebay for about $ 40 used. Marshall has a pedal that emulates the sound of distortion of the Marshall amp … check that here too. See also some overdrive and fuzz pedals. But what you try to reverse the distortion levels, lower your middle and bass and treble a little. This can help your sound for now

play guitar today level 1