I Want To Learn How To Play The Guitar

i want to learn how to play the guitar
Learn how to play I want to be a billionaire – Travis Mccoy (Guitar rhythm)

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Hello all, I want to learn to play guitar and bass guitar at the same time?

I started playing bass in a month but I really want to learn guitar at the same time, I wonder if it's a good idea, but I want to spend about 20 minutes on each instrument, do something to someone, it's a good idea? bass guitar, I practice 30 minutes every day, and I would include a practice guitar.

I am a guitarist of 10 years. you have to do is to focus on guitar and bass is very natural. The reason for this is a simple way the Next: When you play a song on a guitar, you automatically have his bass notes that are individual notes, then convert knowledge and play the bass. but I can not overemphasize (KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENT OF PRIMARY guitar) saludos

i want to learn how to play the guitar