Learn Guitar Scales Fast

learn guitar scales fast
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I really want to be able to play and play guitar fast metal?

So I played two years and I can do all the basics, each agree, and my balance and hammer-ons and pull and they are fast, but I really want to play metal, and the game quickly and radically. I wonder who is technical i could do on guitar, guitar in front of the little things i can do to increase speed, and there is a good site (s) that help, and experience and techniques that I could learn, I'm really determined i also want to be like Synyster Gates) pleasepleaseplease, many, many information:)

Well, as a man who spent 32 years touring as a professional guitarist, you can say that speed is not all. But I'm also faster. I want to go to scales and learn to be quick, no special effects first. Too many children "think" they are fast, and you can move up and down the neck with a distortion in its entirety. Which actually covers a lot of mistakes. So learn to be quick with a "clean" first to know where noise they make mistakes and correct them. Then go to the distortion. Make sure you learn to use the small finger across his neck. You'll be surprised how much more you can do with four fingers instead of three, like many rockers. Play scales up and down the strings and high down the neck, first and third fingers first, then after to become familiar with it, do it again with the second and fourth fingers. The last After the fourth finger is difficult, but once you succeed, you will not regret.

learn guitar scales fast

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