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advice first guitar. My 9 year old daughter wants to learn the guitar …?

I just took the guitar and know nothing. My daughter is 9 years interested and wants an electric guitar. What I know is that if it starts to learn in an electric or acoustic guitar? What would the better for it to start?

So I play the guitar for about 3 years. If you want to become great and be like Phil Keaggy and BB King, you should probably be learning with audio, or even a classic. But if you just want to play for fun by all means learn from the electrical outlet. The strings are played softer and easier and neck is thinner and easier to satisfy their hands around. I heard a huge noise and there was a time to stretch your fingers. I started when I was 10. But now I'm connected to electric and classic. Also, do not hit so hard the strings on an electric motor because they do not have to worry as much about the amount of vibration in channels when you play an acoustic. What is important, however, what you choose, you learn guitar. Musically inclined people do better in school and can also help grow the passion for something that can be very satisfied.

learn guitar advice