The Most Famous Guitar Players

the most famous guitar players
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If you had trouble with a famous person …. please tell me !!!!!?

THE SEARCH FOR THE ANSWER more honest, AND THE BEST particular story EMARASSING SAMPLE STORIES …. (This happened to me), I bought a guitar in a music store famous in New York in the 80s … Rock musician Peter Frampton guitar and enters the store, but all drugs made him age 30 in 10 years – to ddin't recognize what it is, we chatted a few minutes … Finally, I had to ask who he was flat and was angry because I bruise the glory of his ego. It was real, but in hindsight emabrassing damn funny … have any way? We going to lose here, should be very interesting. " PS … I can see through BS very good story should not be punishment.

In the late 80 was on an airplane flight from Pittsburgh to Newark and I look up and you're standing 3 feet ?…… Joe DiMaggio! I was that ……. WOW! So I put my hand and said hello …… wow … I've always been an admirer of yours ….. or making a gesture that has a raincoat on his arm and put my hand down. I think for me … "No problem … I understand … my "bad". I guess I was happy to see and never made the film. (Later, I used that as an excuse). Later during the flight (which was sitting right behind me in A CAR … (Cheap) and once again said hello and offered his hand and he refused again! Well … I was hurt and ashamed ….. This man was like a god for the Yankee fans and I guess I was always taught that he never deny someones a helping hand when it is offered in friendship. But someone …. in the plane later told me he was actually a dark, hostile, and son of a bitch to forget later …. not tighten hands with someone elses or sign an autograph or ……" and I think it is not surprising Marilyn Monroe left his ASSS unstable "….. lol well … … Joltin Joe rest in peace …. without rancor.

the most famous guitar players

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