Gibson Guitar Playing Cards

gibson guitar playing cards
Levi Peto – Giggles of an Angel / Amplitube 3, StealthPedal , Gibson Custom Slash VOS

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I need help in choosing an electric guitar.?

I do not know much about guitars, just the way you play. Firstly, I was a guitar with a good distortion sound (For the rock or something). Do all guitars need guitar distortion pedal because of this child Johnson (Or something) had a distortion sound without the pedal, all I have to do is draw a small switch on the guitar body.It not even know how disortion works (I have an electric guitar, acoustic only). Also one of the bars can hit pull up and push down. I also have a guitar that looks very ugly. I need one under $ 2000. Maybe a little more than that. I was going to get a Gibson Les Paul Standard, but I'm not good at bending. Need a coup. Oh, and I can buy in the center of the guitar if please. I get what is your gamer card. Thank you.

The distortion can come from a kit pedal or the amp itself. You'd be better off with a kit that has a distortion pedal, wah-wah pedal, pedal and a phaser. The guitar controller switches that pick-up is enabled. Just go in a music store and ask.

gibson guitar playing cards