Play Guitar On Computer Keyboard

play guitar on computer keyboard
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Is there a free program that can play the guitar on your computer with mouse and keyboard?

I want to be able to play guitar with the mouse and the keyboard of my computer but I do not want to pay for it. Are there any good software out there that can do that? You can not be the Softpedia widget, because when I tried downloading I scanned and although I was using a 32-bit browser, he said he did not work with my 64-bit Windows Vista operating system (OS). Therefore, there must be something else. And yes I search Google and Yahoo repeatedly and went through thousands of pages and the results, but found nothing. Thank you in advance, your bacon arrives by mail after answering.

I know one, but if you ever find one, probably not free. You probably can find something great program, but to be good enough, you probably will pay.

play guitar on computer keyboard

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