Learn Guitar Phrasing

learn guitar phrasing
Songwriting on Guitar – #8 Melodic Phrasing – Learn How To Write Guitar Songs

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Help! Learn to play guitar. ?

Well, I'm learning to play guitar on my own (again). I a question about the phrase "Now, apply the strumming of the next song. "I play violent, so I know how to read music and gutairs to understand the labels, but in my book, I learn from him, using the actual notes of learning. I am confused on how to a line on a musical note, if that makes any sense? I can play individual notes and chords, but not together? Lol any help would be appricated!

Get a teacher is easy to learn songs on their own learning the theory behind the guitar (and hell, if known, and violin, theory behind the guitar should be even easier), but you know the theory is more important than anything else

learn guitar phrasing