Electro Acoustic Guitars

electro acoustic guitars
electro acoustic guitar active pickup rino88

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How to record professionally, acoustic guitars, electro?

How to record professionally, acoustic guitars, electro? What is the size bands, record the acoustic guitar parts? Do they connect the guitar to an interface? to an amplifier? a mixer? How for best performance?

big bands recorded by the great engineers, who use great gear. Performance is the only thing needed a tape recording. engineers and producers do the rest. if a house is on fire is just a matter of using what you can allow you the best of their ability. it does not matter nothing is recorded. If you build your own stereo microphone Alumni that looks like shit, but its sound is amazing and has done well. All use high-end of March and still have a bad record. unless you know what you do, you will probably get bad registrations. Study of acoustics and the recording process for better recording quality

electro acoustic guitars

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