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play guitar in key
How to Play Guitar : How to Play Guitar in the Key of C

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How to play guitar solos on the keys?

I play in a band and my solos are improvised, but I can almost alone in the key. I struggled to understand the "key" concept. Can someone explain how the main solo (s)?

To play a solo with song on the same key, we must first know what the tone of the song is played then you just play on a level with the same key. To do this: 1. See accompanying notes to the strings for each box (most chains sixth and fifth [The two thicker strings]). 2. Know at least a ground scale (pentatonic minor test) 3. Being able to play on the same scale in all positions on the fretboard. Thus, for example, if the tape is at stake is a song in the key of G, all you have to do is find the note G on the 6th string (the third box), and use of this (or any other G scale) as a starting point in his solo and just play the notes of the scale you choose to play. To go a little further, I recommend the practice of minor pentatonic scale (which is a smaller scale composed of only 5 notes) and the five positions on the neck. Practice that in the 6th string, then on the 5th string starting positions. When you have that down, start playing on the same scale on the handle (or key) of the neck.

play guitar in key

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