Play Guitar Zz Top

play guitar zz top
How to Play La Grange by ZZ Top on Guitar

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That would be a good equation for a distorted with my Fender Stratocaster American Vintage 57 reissue?

Well ok, I'm only this guitar and you really have to go clean sounds, so I do not need. But I can not find a good eq on my amp it shows the great sound of this guitar. I played and heard before and it seems unbelievable. But anyway I have a Fender solid state dsp212, I can not afford another right one now, but if you have any suggestions that would be great. For reference, I am looking for a good gritty, blues-rock sound. A good tone for things like ZZ Top, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Eric Johnson, etc. …

you should buy a distortion pedal like an Ibanez Tube Screamer, which would greatly help to try to put your amp treble at 10 o'clock and medium and low at 02 hours, if you get a pedal to set the tone about 10 hours, the gain at 3 o'clock he This is a basic rock sound to add some ambience and all the

play guitar zz top