10 Greatest Bass Guitar Players

10 greatest bass guitar players
Amazing Bass Guitar Player…Maybe The Best!!!

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Guitar or bass?

I am asking is what is his favorite instrument of both, the guitar that people like Kirk Hammett of Metallica plays or bass guitar. Whatever you like the band, remember that there are great guitarists and bass players who are in many a band. So what instrument you choose to play and why … Please do not try to compare a game like Guitar Hero to reality! I mean, I love games like Guitar Hero, even a guitar bodybuilder and shook me! But the fact is ….. A game like Guitar Hero 10 years? Well here's a real guitar and better. What I want say is that I played guitar for 20 years and still Pla guitar if I'm living in the next 20 years. Guitar Hero? I think children just play the latest games that are easy to advance due to a push of a button. Today's children are so motivated, it stinks, but the fact !!!!!!

I say under. Simply because they are in demand. Not only are not as bearish as many guitarists out there. Many bears are guitarists such exchange of the instruments for their group. It is an easy exchange, if you know how to play the guitar, so no problems learning bass lines. Like Guitar Hero is concerned, you're right, there's nothing like the real thing. In fact, knowing how to play a song with a real guitar can do to try to play this song Guitar Hero.

10 greatest bass guitar players