Who Are The Best Steel Guitar Players

who are the best steel guitar players
Paul Franklin – Amazing Steel Guitar

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which are the 7 best guitar players ever to steel?

all steel guitar, dobro not my options are: Roy Wiggins, Kayton Roberts, DAY Jimmy Lloyd Green, Pete Drake, Buddy Emmons, Harold Rugg

I have to put Lloyd Green and Buddy Emmons in the top of the list for the domain virtuoso playing the instrument, technical expertise and versatility, most of the steel guitar to accommodate any type of music that were in the study of ways. Certainly Pete Drake, Weldon Myrick and belong in the top of the best players in the steel Nashville session last 50 years or more. While Roy and Leon McAuliffe Wiggins in 1930 and 40 pioneer and paved the way for music steel guitar country over the next 50's and 60's, we can not leave here without mentioning the technical versatility and virtuoso guitar music later in steel, which were the first line, the players call the first meeting in the studios of Nashville for the past 30 years. This is the best Nashville session players Steel Paul Franklin Jr., then, that my vote would be pileup of the best 7 players steel guitar, never! Thank you for a funny question and answer muse! Sincerely, Jazz Me109 PS: When editing what I written above, I thought it was funny and very interesting to note that Paul Franklin, Jr. wound on the bottom of my list, so that should be at the top of the list! I guess I feel so all masters of steel guitar, I've listed here, though! Oh, well! … To a great day! 🙂

who are the best steel guitar players