Learn How To Play Guitar Chords Video

learn how to play guitar chords video
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What are the four chords you play in this video funny?

For those who has not seen it yet, this is a video impressive showing use of the same chord in a number of pop songs. I started learning the guitar and want to know what they are for me to try something similar. Even if you can not work or do not know how to play everything I had to give a watch anyway because it's great, but I know what they are please post here for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pidokakU4I

The four agreements are: 1 – My biggest: EG #-B (base note above) 2 – If more BD #-F # 3 – C # minor: C # EG # 4 – A major: C #-E are played this way in the video (same chords, of course): 1 – Left = E = G # HR-BE (bottom note above) 2 – HR B = Left F = #-BD # 3 – Left = C # HR = G #-C #-E 4 – RH LH = A = AC # E-These agreements correspond to those built in the IV-VI-IV (1, footnote 5, 6 and 4, or grades, of any size. ) What they say about the four basic chords for most pop songs, it's true. I hope this helped. Cordially

learn how to play guitar chords video