Learn To Play Guitar By Ear Free

learn to play guitar by ear free
Play Piano By Ear – Free Beginners Piano Lessons (Lesson 4)

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Is there a good place where I can learn chords and scales of the theory for free?

I would be nice if there were videos or audio files. I start composing my own music, and I want to find something a little more interesting and complex than the usual power chords and open songs chords … So I want to learn a little more theory of things to play jazz, lead and rhythm guitar at the same time (something like Jimi Hendrix). I found some chord progressions that I have the ear and what I feel, but I think I could limit myself because I knowledge in jazz or any other style, just my ears, which is not very good if you want something new …

Try these links. The second is my own website. There are some write music lessons available for download here that I posted on Yahoo Answers is another question.

learn to play guitar by ear free