Gibson 50 Greatest Guitar Players

gibson 50 greatest guitar players
Blue Rose Rocket at Club 828 in Asheville ….WHY DONTCHA .. West Bruce and Laing…JCM800

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Is not it amazing how many guitar players I think that Gibson and Fender are so great?

Having been in operation for a long time I find it curious that there is a gravitation toward Gibson, Fender and others. There are many brands to crush the "big names "sound and production work (at a price much better), but the giants of commerce somehow have convinced some players that their products are quality, when in fact they are usually "just OK. I agree that these manufacturers have been the reference point the guitar 50 years ago, but now they are built like any other production guitar by the machine with a small amount of manual work.

Yes, it seems the name is worth a thousand dollars in some of them. I bought Alvarez is an electro-acoustic 12 years and I would put the sound quality against any Fender or Gibson. And it stays in tune that you would not believe. I also have a semi-hollow body Gibson electric and must be completed each time I fifth choice.

gibson 50 greatest guitar players