Learn Guitar Fretboard Game

learn guitar fretboard game
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Is there a fun way to learn the notes on the fretboard?

For example, it sets you to help you learn? Any help would be greatly appreciated: P

Assuming you do not know, but ….. All channels follow the chromatic scale is List all the notes we have to play Western music. The scale follows the same pattern in all channels. From the thickest string is: E = open, box 1 F 2 = F #, G = 3, 4 = G = A # 5, # 6 = 7 = B, C = 8 9 = C # 10 = D 11 = D # 12 = E, hence the trend continues. You must remember that on a guitar as a keyboard, F # is the same note as G flat, G # = A flat, A # = Bb, C # = D flat and D sharp = E flat. Of the thicker thinner strings are as follows: E, A, D, G, B, E. From here you can find out where the notes. To remember that the notes you can set yourself such challenges as 1, 4 2 find the notes E, compare 3 GS 3, game 6 of C, etc., etc., you can also see how many words can explain the different notes locations. Not at all easy to remember, besides lots of practice. Good luck and happy playing.

learn guitar fretboard game

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