Best Learn To Play Guitar Lessons

best learn to play guitar lessons
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What is the best and easiest way to learn to play guitar?

I just bought a second guitar electric hand and an amp and an old colleague I am totally no idea how to start learning to play. I enjoy learning and be able to properly play, not in a group or anything, just my private life, to hang out and play. I can not afford the classes and was wondering if anyone really knew of any sites or methods or techniques or any thing to help me learn to play as soon as possible and achieve a decent level of play with some of my favorite songs or something so sad: p I know practice practice practice … but where to start, what do I do this Can I practice? Thank you for your attention, I hope to have some help with that:)

The vast majority of guitarists are self-taught. Go to a music store and buy a book of tablature of a band you love. You can view and download the tab "here" as they are called in various places on the net, but one of the best is called Good luck.

best learn to play guitar lessons

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