Learn Guitar Cd Rom

learn guitar cd rom
Ry Cooder style guitar lessons by Rick Payne

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What kind of guitar is the easiest to learn on?

I mean as in either acoustic, electric or bass. Or hell, what about an acoustic electric? Haha. I bought a $300 electric.. really, I only bought it because it was orange. I tried to teach myself via the internet and various CD-ROM learning thingys. I do not have the extra money for lessons. And everyone I know that plays never has any time to teach me. I was thinking about buying a bass.. only 4 strings.. and my boyfriend knows to play a little on bass…but then I don’t know cause they are thicker strings and I hate blisters! Haha. Suggestions?
Okay.. how about something I can afford? Hhaa, I don’t want to spend a lot of money and end up hating it :]

don’t you should start on acoustic because it requires a little more finger pressure to play the frets and this will build finger strength and help you when you play electric…. no one is good when you start just keep playing use your dvds etc. later on after you can comfortably play you first have to get acquainted with the feel of your guitar… bass may be easier for some but you must push rather hard down on the frets unless its set up very well

learn guitar cd rom

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