How To Play Guitar Happy Birthday Song

how to play guitar happy birthday song
How to play “Happy Birthday” on Guitar – Tutorial

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Why is it I can not let me live my life?

This past weekend was my birthday .. and me with my birthday money has a nice guitar … I dreamed of playing guitar for sooo long and I found a good brand on sale for a limited time. I said to my mother about how I write songs and I play the guitar with them, etc. .. my mother told me anything and I have to concentrate at school! all the dreams I had it sank! I have talent and she just wants to concentrate on the notes … and evil of me. She would not hear, I am a songwriter and musician natural or a talented actress! soo, who makes life difficult life. im 16 I should not have to choose my own path in life! and to follow my dreams … because you can not live your dreams and be happy … what is the point in life?

In a proposal, I would say that his mother has the same attitude that many parents these days … the mentality that if you kill to get good grades now, never enter into a good college, do not get a good job, not having a successful career, and OH MY GOD WHY DO NOT WORK ON THE BOOKS in your sleep? " ?! I "LL be AS a parent fails if you don "t push hard YA !!!!!! I mean there are people who do not want their children to have time to play because of this, LEARNING they want to kindergarten! He is sick and wrong, in my humble opinion. And they think that the type of job you get to be some something they think is appropriate … Medical office, computer, something, etc. Whatever it is possible to earn a living in the arts, which not most parents think that as a "job". If possible, a music teacher and / or your school counselor to help her mother to explain the benefits of music, not only as a career, but as a means to other studies. At least, she should understand that you need this as a "break" from the stress of his other studies, not that you become a sort of "hippie" dirty "and start taking drugs and sleeping and not make something of himself and his life. Equally, however, reduce her mother some slack. She is worried about you and want to see you have a decent life with age. (Laughs) Hell, I'm almost 48 years and my mother still talks about how much you worry! And she said that States 5-6 in a row! Yes, she must understand the side of things, but look at his side, too. I hope both can reach some compromise. Good luck.

how to play guitar happy birthday song