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play guitar faster
How To Play Guitar Fast

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how to play guitar faster palm mute?

i am currently learning master of puppets on guitar, but my hand always cramps up during the verse. this only happens when i palm mute the open notes before the slide and it doesnt happen if i just play the note regularly.

i am using all downstrokes because my frend told me thats the proper way to playing it, but is ther a way to relax my hand more while im muting the note? i also notice that i cant play as fast while im muting compared to just regular picking, are there any excercises to improve my speed?


To get faster make sure your palm muting lightly and picking from the wrist. The less motion you have in your hand the more efficient and less tiring it will be. Also try to use your palm muting hand as an anchor to even further reduce your hand movement. And yes the whole thing is down picked, but it is also all palm muted, so you can stay anchored the entire time.

And above all this takes ALOT of practice. Its not hard technique wise, but stamina wise. So you will just have to practice to slowly build strength and stamina.

play guitar faster

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