How To Play Guitar Program Download

how to play guitar program download
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I know how to tune a guitar is a guitar pro file?

I downloaded a multitrack tablature editor and player, TuxGuitar called. My question is: when I can download the Guitar Pro file types, how can I get into the program, how to tune the guitar. By Example: I can download an ultimate tab, then open TuxGuitar to read the card, and I see "Guitar 1" notes to play, but do not know how this guitar is tuned. has no information to adjust the Guitar Pro file, so I would like to know how to say TuxGuitar program. Please let me know if you are an expert, and other programs opinons Guitar Pro playback. Thank you! The website of the official program Tux Guitar:

Double click on the track at the bottom. This will open the track properties, where you can see / change setting.

how to play guitar program download