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learn guitar at 50
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Teaching guitar?

I have taught guitar for almost two years, I am not an expert but I can play some number of songs and generally difficult to learn new songs with ease. Recently, a friend of my mother, I played for before, asked me to teach your child. She pays $ 50 per month (the money that would be a good thing) and I feel like I could teach, I taught my father a little and know all the strings, frets, and theoretically very good music to play the violin for 5 years. So my question is, how can we start? I thought that for the first lesson that could answer questions, teach the elements of the guitar, how to tune the strings, and some strains of the child (c 1 finger and others). I do not want trouble, however, and do not know what their attention span is or expectations for this class. prehaps we could take one of your favorite songs and score to learn a little at a time along the way? Please let me whether you have any advice please and TY

As a guitar player colleagues taught free, and I've givin lessons, that's how I started, it seemed to work well. Start by teaching the student the names of strings, can teach a blow like this, E: Each B: G From: Guitarest D: Dreams A: What is E: Excellence in Teaching After the chains begin with ladders simple as E 0 1 2 3 4 A, D 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 G: 0 1 2 3 4 B 0 1 2 3 E 0 1 2 3 4 Just the basics, while basic chords like my children and my ex etc. After he or she becomes fluent simple chords and scales to know what sex he or she prefers. My students chose metal, which, after simple chords and scales until I started to teach him the power chords, then asked the simple question, do you want to lead, or rhythm? As I thought he chose the guitar, so I gave a couple of pentatonic scales, also gave his guitar to Drop D so he was able to play more than one style of metal "death". After it became very common in pentatonic scales, I bought a CD that can "jam" the existence of a rhythm of metal in the bottom and all he did was play the pentatonic scales to it. I found it moved very quickly once started playing music on his buttocks. If you have further questions please not to ask.

learn guitar at 50