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free how to play guitar guide
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Thinking playing electric guitar, questions?

I used to play acoustic when I was 7 years (16 today) for about a year but my master is dead, uninspired, without music. I'm inspired now, and it's something that I thought for a few weeks if not months. If I set my mind on something, I'll spend a lot of time for that. I fear that my parents scoff at the idea, how should I approach this? What is a good electric guitar for a beginner? How long should I practice for? (Played 30 minutes 1 hour per day with sound. I think I should do more) Where can I get a guide (preferably free) to help me play, and songs for beginners? Thank you in advance:) @ KissmeIplayguitar: No, I find it fascinating, I love the sound it makes.

Well, first of all, do not call "electric" guitar … It's just an electric guitar. Second, tell your parents that the guitar is a guitar. To be honest, any guitar player who dominates with an electric guitar, even if you've never played an acoustic, could become the usual minutes. So actually get a guitar, that depends on your budget. If you can not get one of your local Wal-Mart. Get a real (good market) guitar brand. Depending on your style, you can look at a price Epiphone Les Paul or SG (about $ 300 to $ 500), or if you do not have much, maybe you can get a cheap Ibanez ($ 200 to $ 300) or even a Fender Squier (Under $ 100). Many people look at the guitar cheap as the Squier, but as I see it, if it is a guitar, then it is possible to make music on it. Of course, you also need an amplifier. For length of practice, I would say that the practice whenever possible. Initially, it will be difficult because we do not know many songs. I suggest that ladders and working on technique and finger strength, and perhaps develop a practical class. You can practice all the time to find time during the day. Note that you do not need to be at once, either. There are many technical guides on the web, but is definitely a good site containing tablature for almost any song, and game guides and art. Some songs begin perhaps the Crazy Train (its really awesome) or maybe something like Kryptonite. Simply choose the songs you like and try them! Even if you can not get the hard parts down, you can usually find at least a few pieces that can be played. And the best part is when you feel better, you will see in the song again and be like "Wow, it's easy!" and start playing. Keep practicing and have fun, man!

free how to play guitar guide