Play Guitar With The Smiths Book

play guitar with the smiths book
The Smiths Some girls are bigger than others

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Can I make my dad for Father's Day?

I have very little money and I stayed. I know that Fathers Day is not about money, but I want to give something thoughtful for opening day. I'll have a drink with him the day. During the years have given a million photo gifts (which could be a bit exaggerated!), photo books, photo frames, etc. and I want this year is something a little different. He is interested in photography as a beginner (just a new camera Nikon) Music: guitar and violin. It likes a lot of bands like The Smiths, The Rolling Stones .. my list makes no sense at all! It is very close – as sufficient, but not too adventurous billiards / snooker and music festivals. This is the best dad a girl could ask for and we are close. Thank you:)

Sweet! If your father like photography, then choose some of her photos and choose a great song that you like, and make a slideshow. I have an idea here: # 208

play guitar with the smiths book