Guitar Learn Beatles

guitar learn beatles
Let It Be acoustic Guitar lesson – The Beatles

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That would have more time to learn? (Beatles) Question?

Me and my friends are creating a Beatles cover band. We have a guitarist and a drummer and two guys who can play bass and guitar. What we will take depends on what I'm going to play. For the moment I do not know how play open chords on the guitar. Therefore, it would take more time to learn to play rhythm guitar parts of songs of the Beatles and the bass guitar? I can find the instruments of the cold. Thank you!

Hey Nik: rhythm guitar would be much easier to do Beatles covers. Paul McCartney was among the first to put the Bears in the lead. As bassist for over 40 years, I can assure you, his bass lines are not the easiest. Many Beatles songs made the beginning, as the cover songs are a little easier. Be prepared to challenge their own material, he wrote.

guitar learn beatles