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fastest guitar player in the world video
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Evolution of the console: Notes on Playstation 2

PlayStation 2 (PS2) is a game console from Sony on the other hand, the successor to PlayStation and the predecessor on the PlayStation 3.

Its development was announced in March 1999 and was released in Japan on March 4, 2000, in North America and October 26, 2000 Europe November 24, 2000. The PS2 is part of the sixth generation, and became the game console sales the fastest in history, with more 100 million units sold in November 2005, surpassing the previous record holder, PlayStation, by three years and nine months. Reading Article Main: List of PlayStation 2 games the brand strength

PlayStation took third with the strong support system. Although the launch titles for the PS2 are very impressive in 2000, the holiday season of 2001 saw the launch of a number of products sold and work as critical acclaim. Those PS2 titles helped the PS2 maintain and extend its leadership position in the market for console video games, despite growing competition from the launches of Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. In several cases, Sony has exclusive agreements with publishers to adapt their competitors.

The work critically acclaimed as the team understand the big car theft and non-popular Final Fantasy series (Square Enix), the speed of the last two titles full of metal, the devil may devil can cry and cry 3, the SSX series, latest, three tracks of Ace Combat, Kingdom Hearts Square Enix collaboration / Disney brands, and entertainment, the Sony Computer first part, such as Gran Turismo, SOCOM, Ratchet and the number of noise and Jak and Daxter, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War and the champions of the unexpected benefits Everquest of Norrath and Champions: Return to the arms.

The PS2 was also inhabited by many pieces of music such as the latest movements in the GDR and the last hero of rock guitar playing. Towards the end of March 2005, there were 5,277 PS2 titles released worldwide, representing combined sales of 824 million units. With compatibility with new games to PlayStation, PS2 has released a library of 13,020 software titles in 5 years and 27 days, although the coding region therefore very limited, with 3181 securities PS2 and PS1 4907 releases in Asia, 1121 and 1,501 in Europe, and 975 and 1335 in northern America.0

PS2 Hardware can both CDs and DVDs. It is backward compatible with PlayStation games and more (PS1), takes into account DVD video playback and play PS2 games, well-ROMANIAN CD-ROM or DVD cheap high capacity. The ability to read DVD movies allowed consumers easier to justify the relatively high ticket price of the PS2 (In October 2000, the suggested retail price is $ 300) because it eliminates the need to buy an external DVD drive (in fact, could say that the success DVD format was due in part to the ability of the PS2 to play DVDs, because the format seems to appeal to consumers, after launching the console).

The PS2 also supports PS1 graphics memory (to play PS1 saves only) and the drivers too. The Duel Shock 2 controller for PS2 is quite a match Shock of the PS1, buttons similar to the face, shoulders and D-tuning the number keys replaced the original. When he was released, Advanced the PS2 had many devices that were not present in the contemporary video game consoles other, including its 1394 ports opportunities DVD expansion and USB and IEEE.

It was not until 2001 that the end of Microsoft Xbox became the second console with USB support (1.1, specifically coverage of the Xbox) and DVD. (This assumes Nuon, a graphics coprocessor awning DVD player is not considered a console.) However, the accessory distance separately required by Xbox to show the function of the DVD and Sony might follow the PS2 as a DVD out of the box. Note that compatibility with USB devices depends on the device with USB support in the software mentioned.

For example, the PS2 could not initialize an ISO image order from a USB Instant – this is solved, however, with the release of version 3.6 of the magic of software change. On the one hand, Gran Turismo 4 can save screenshots with a single USB device without any problem. Software compatibility support the original PlayStation games was also an argument major sales for the PS2, leaving owners with a higher level of the PlayStation 2 and retains its old software, and give the user new access is more played until a larger library was developed for the new system.

Like additional allowance, the PS2 has the ability to enhance PlayStation games by speeding up disc read time and / or add texture smoothing to improve graphics. If a good texture was universally effective (but with strange effects in transparent textures are used) faster reading of the disc could make some plays not load or does not work correctly. A handful of PlayStation titles (notably, the speed metal sound: Stop special missions) to work on the PS2, all the missions (special metal does not identify the speed of sound on the screen change discs, for example).

This problem seems to be fixed in the slim version of PS2, where most of the previously unplayable PSone games today you can play. It's a common misconception that trade in a game disks (eg, due to the construction of several disks or packs extension) is not possible on the PS2. The fact that the unusual title screen before the disc change would have led to this rumor.

Software for all PlayStation consoles contains one of four area codes: for Japan and the Asian NTSC / J in North America: NTSC-U / C, Europe and Oceania: Stake, and China: NTSC / C.

fastest guitar player in the world video