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fastest guitar player guitarists
World Fastest guitar players Bernd Steidl, Jose del rio, Yngwie malmsteen,John McLaughin, Al Dimeola

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Guitarists of the influence of Asia, J-rock fans, or advanced guitarists need!?

Hello everyone, I'm guitarist intermediate I do not have much to learn, but I am trying to implement an Asian influence (J-rock) band. Because it seems there is nothing to J-rock guitar, I wondered exactly what makes J-rock music, especially the guitar, so J-rock? Some of the songs I looked at the tabs to be placed in D # C # or set-up, and sounds OK, but no matter how hard I try, it does not seem quite right. My feeling is that, fast drums and bass can be something to do with it, ie, sound in general, but if someone could help me it would be great! Please …

In essence, there is nothing fundamentally different about how to play guitar Japanese or sources of inspiration (like many Japanese guitarists also strips the West as you probably know), but the difference I found between Japanese and Western guitarists guitarists in general is that they put more effort into the technical aspect of his music. I can say they spend much time doing guitar licks impressive agreements .. things that are memorable, not just part of the melody to support the singer …. I just realized today as in Western music, the tools are there to "supervise" the voice, whereas in the Japanese music / jrock, instruments are as important as voice, which is as it should IMO. The emphasis on melody and the bass is another thing that greatly affects all songs from her too.

fastest guitar player guitarists