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learn guitar fretboard free
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I can not learn anything else on the guitar, what should I do?

I'll keep it simple. I know how to play blues scales penatonic, and I can play well, but after that I'm stuck. I want to be able to play what I want. I want to be free. I want to play all styles of music I love in around the field and expand my arsenal. Do not really know much at all about music theory or anything. I know that I need, if Can someone please point me in the right direction? Now, I did not really say 10 pages of the objectives of long life and things, but where do I start? What should I try to learn now and how do I get? Please give an answer here, I feel really trapped. Thank you.

Thus, the standard of proof more, giving his solos a different feel and if you feel you took my suggestion is to try Listening to different types of music and try to copy his licks and how to do so. This way you can enrich their vocabulary alone. Finally, if you're tired of blues pentatonic maybe you can try to learn to crumble: D try to go on youtube or http://www.justinguitar.com tutorials for it.

learn guitar fretboard free