Play Guitar Clean

play guitar clean
Elixir® Strings Tech Tip: Guitar Cleaning and Maintenance Techniques (Part 1)

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What product can I use to clean my guitar without damaging the finish?

I have a Gibson acoustic guitar, 1991, which was in a state where I have the cherry but I did something stupid … I played with only a shirt (or no shirt at all) and my persperant cons (Arid XX) is stained in the final. I tried to clean with a dry cloth, but it seems like is that there permanantly, and really bothers me … Is there a product that will clean the stains, cleaning wood, and damage to my goal? Thank you in advance for help not sarcasm.

NEVER use vegetable oil or Murphy on guitar! NEVER! The reason why your anti-perspirant stain finish because it is alcohol based and is finished guitar nitrocellulose in him. There are two things you can try, and both neutral terms: 1) Get varnishes the silicone-free guitar … Gibson sold under its name. Follow the instructions. If this does not work … 2) Go to your favorite auto parts store and obtain a tube Maguires Scratch X .. comes in a black tube. Follow the instructions … it will take about 3-4 minutes of good elbow grease. If this fails, an intervention professional is necessary.

play guitar clean