Bass Guitar Learning Kit

bass guitar learning kit
jam nite – Beyonce – work it out (cover) + bass, guitar, drums. sax solo’s

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Drums advice ….?

I'm sixteen and I play bass and guitar for three years. I recently visited my cousin and play in his drum kit, and could not think of anything since. I really really want to learn to play now. The problems are … 1. I no money to buy the battery (all the money I get from work goes to gas and a trip I'll take this summer … and do not want wait for my birthday … which is … 10 months from now.) Pay for classes is not a problem, however, because my father has a friend who runs a store music and gave me free lessons bass. 2. My house is kind of small, with no soundproofing. I'm sitting in my room with the door closed, and I can hear the conversation with my parents in the kitchen perfectly. It does not help much that my step-mother will give birth this fall. What do you suggest? As I said, I never wanted to do something else in my life … Thank you very much for your help!

If you really want to play drums so bad while selling a guitar or something. If you do not want to sell anything, you just have to wait 10 months. If you do not practice, then try in a friends house or even his room something.Maybe school band (if you go to school).

bass guitar learning kit