How To Play Guitar Ska

how to play guitar ska
Free ska reggae guitar lesson inspired by Bob Marley

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How do you spell music Ska?

Ska bands seem to be very popular in high school these days, so me and my friends began one. We have a saxophone, tenor drums, trumpet, bass, guitar and I play the trombone. This question is for good ska bands out there … How you start writing music? I wrote the music before, and the base type are down. How to start your songs, and what you are sure to put in each of your songs?

Well, I'll just assume it's a third band of ska, where he refers in high school. but you can actually start with a jam session. that's how most of our songs start. and sometimes i''ll just have an idea for a song. but in reality, the feeling is more real important agreements you are using. I do not know what to put in I just rebuild it as soon as you start the song. So I recommend you to go back and listen to ska roots of ska bands like the older stuff Skalite the Wailers beginning, and some ska bands like Rancid and Sublime and other news. most ska is the feeling towards him.

how to play guitar ska