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How to write a song to play on guitar?

Very easy to understand. I play guitar a lot and I can go out and write music. I do not know if there is a technique that makes it easier. Also, any idea what I might write.

Well … not infallible magic method, I just gotta try, and you find your way. Some ideas: * Paint a picture first. Literally. You can draw (or Photoshop or Paperfoldables, or whatever) idea and then try to set to music. Does a lot for both the lyrics and melodies, if your song is always can try a tool like all carrying some kind of image. * Improvise a lot and to register. Then listen again and recover the best parties are in place and create songs or patterns from there. Then combine them. * Get a model and build on riffs and licks rhytthm it. * Write another instrument … You'd be surprised how many guitarists actually better on the piano, and vice versa. There is a psychological reason for it: you are an instrument you do not know, there is no other choice but to find new ideas. In addition, you are "limited" to your imagination. I I write when I arrived in pieces on the piano (which I'm very basic), and when finally the message "and do little things turn good and then I turn on guitar and sound better. Merry Christmas!

play guitar about

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