How To Play Guitar Slides

how to play guitar slides
How to Play Slide Guitar

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Learn to play bass with seven fingers?

I am interested in learning to play bass, but my left hand has only two fingers. As could play guitar with his left hand. Bass is usually played with the index and middle finger plucking, but some bass players use picks. If Right now I'm having to use a pick, but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I watched "finger picks" some type slide guitarists use due to hold a summit with the left hand not so easy. If someone knew a kind of selection that could slide your finger or thumb, if you please let me know. Photo: fffffffffff Thanks to the first poster. Ironically, I was looking for an outlet, which I think were made for banjo players. But I was wondering if anyone had expierence with them and the thickness of choice is

get one of these, and your information Tommi Iommi of Black Sabbath with two missing fingers on the fret hand, which can

how to play guitar slides