How To Make Any Guitar Play Great

how to make any guitar play great
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Playing guitar standing up?

I’ve been playing guitar for 3 years, almost 4 and I just played a show w/ my band at my school and I had to learn how to play standing up. We played “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed so it wasn’t hard at all because that is a very easy song. However the other day I was practicing “Scream Aim Fire,” by Bullet For My Valentine and I can play it a little under tempo sitting, about 175-180 BPM (180 on a good day lol). Anyway, I tried playing standing up and I could barely do 165 BPM. Also, I’m great at tremolo picking sitting, but standing it is pretty hard. Also, when i play standing I hunch my left shoulder (picking hand arm) down to reach the strings when palm muting. My strap isn’t too low, its a little higher than waist line. I don’t want to make it any higher because I look like a complete dou**e with it higher. Anyway, do you have any tips on playing standing because I play to play a show next year with my band at school so tips would be nice!

If you want to play (perform) standing, practice standing.

It sucks but that’s the best way, alternatively you can sit really upright.

how to make any guitar play great