Best Guitar Players In Country Music

best guitar players in country music
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If you are an avid guitar player, I would ask advice please?

I learned the acoustic guitar Classic one year on and I get very good. I wear size 3.4 tools. The advice I seek is, what brand of strings is the best? Played mostly 60 years of songs at 80. Country and Irish music to be my favorite. I have a desire to have a go at all other types of music .. I like my strings to maintain a property high. Did you experience can bring to make good strings and evaluate if possible. I thank in advance for any useful information on the brand and size of strings for me?

You say you're playing "classic" guitar acoustics, I'm not sure if you have steel strings or nylon. I guess you're made of steel. If you were happy with the channels you've been to the time and I would be reluctant to change the width of their channels. This changes the tone, volume, and action (implementation capacity) your instrument. As a general guide lower, or thinner, the size of string is used, the volume and tone have less, but the strings are easy to hold. If you go too thin is false (high) when you press the fret. In contrast, higher, or heavier, the indicator gives more volume and tone, but it is more difficult to keep pressing. More support you could experiment with different windings. I much prefer bronze phosphor bronze, but chose the bronze wound on the wound nickel. When the manufacturer is then each player has his own preference. In fact, it's about what you personally prefer. I hope you help.

best guitar players in country music