How To Play Guitar Right Handed

how to play guitar right handed
How To Play Guitar for Beginners : Right Handed Technique for Beginning Guitar

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I'm right handed but play guitar on the left?!.?

Ok hello to play guitar hero on expert and I'm fine and I am a girl.I can play guitar hero is nothing like a real guitar, but … I'm right handed but plays as a left and I was wondering because I want to learn to play real acoustic guitar could learn to play as a right, if I'm more comfortable with left-handed .. and could teach me how to play guitar hero as a right-handed? Or would be difficult and could not learn to play the sound as a lefty ..

You're a semi-ambidextrous. Try by hand is most comfortable for you the exercise of a real guitar. There is no rule about it. I'm semi-ambidextrous too. Like when I blow dry hair, I use my left hand brush in the right place, they say that it is appropriate for righties. Anyway, do what feels comfortable. You can practice both hands on the guitar, please.

how to play guitar right handed

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