Musical Guitar Play Set

musical guitar play set
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Email from an old teacher for help … How to start e-mail?

I need to send a teacher I have not seen or spoken in about 9 months. They said I could e-mail if you need help (im email musical themes – I play the guitar) and I decided that I would like your opinion on something if my current teacher is very attached to what he thinks you should do that I should play pieces. The thing is that I'm stuck on what to say! I do not think I have to be very formal, as they have never been very formal in their classes and talk when me and vice / versa. As I calling his name … Any ideas?

Just write what feels good. His former teacher will probably be happy to see their e-mail for all Anyway, I do not think you need to write back. Teachers are people like you, and I'm sure if the roles were reversed, he would not mind how the mail was written. If I was right? "Hello (I called the teacher) do not know if you remember me, who taught me the guitar for almost a year – I hope you're well! In fact, I have a question for you …." or something:)

musical guitar play set