How To Play Guitar Quick

how to play guitar quick
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How I can train my fingers to play guitar fast one?

I need help figuring out how to make my fingers faster than I can do solos sick at any moment and be proud of my fast typing skills. I just need help really bad because I I want to be good to yourself! and require rapid information collection and perhaps some lessons to cry as Matt Heafy Trivium.

Arc fingers that the column under a Roman bridge. Hit the strings with the fingers and fix it so that each finger touches a fret. Know your scales and modal scales closed. Learn major and minor pentatonic scales, then learn the blues scales. (Close) Learn the scales that match practice agreements and agreements scales. Learning to move around the neck instead of up and down the neck. To choose, learn to use the large muscles in the forearm, and save the small wrist muscles (which move in the wrong direction anyway) for accents and emphasis. (Also for small series from time to time) Learn to use the heavy selection, you can get, and learn to use the tip of the beak. Thin takes to sloppy sloppy play pickup thin, and the more you use, If I can not hear the chain and "slap!" I pasted some links below. I hope some help. Good luck and if you need more, please to give a shout.

how to play guitar quick